About this blog

Hi! Welcome to my blog. 😃 My name is Achintya, and I am a community manager at The Alan Turing Institute, the UK’s national institute for data science and artificial intelligence.

I plan on using this blog to write about research, science communication, open science, free/open-source software and more.

As I am a huge fan of annotations, this blog comes with hypothes.is support baked in (if you have JavaScript enabled, of course). Select any text on this or any other stand-alone page and a pop-up will greet you with two options: Annotate and Highlight.

Also, this blog itself is an experiment of sorts, relying on a few different software tools in order to produce the content before you. I will also try to make the code used in the blog posts interactive as often as possible. You can try this below, by clicking the button and being a little patient while the wheels powering the interactivity spin up; then, try replacing cars with another dataset that comes with R, like volcano.1

Status of interactive code:

##      speed           dist       
##  Min.   : 4.0   Min.   :  2.00  
##  1st Qu.:12.0   1st Qu.: 26.00  
##  Median :15.0   Median : 36.00  
##  Mean   :15.4   Mean   : 42.98  
##  3rd Qu.:19.0   3rd Qu.: 56.00  
##  Max.   :25.0   Max.   :120.00


This blog is generated using RStudio’s blogdown package for R, built mainly by Yihui Xie.

  1. Note that the dark theme makes the code nearly impossible to read, so if you do want to play with the interactivity, I suggest switching to light mode by clicking/tapping on the moon on the top right.